Premium Purity™

Cruise industry

“Elevate guest and crew experience in a sustainable way”. That is our value proposition to the market.

Thus, we have copied nature’s own disinfection methods and created an effective and sustainable disinfection solution combined with scientific verification. We call this Premium Purity™.

Once Premium Purity™ is implemented in all areas of a vessel the coating actively decomposes bacteria, viruses, and harmful volatile organic compounds creating a healthier indoor environment with supreme air quality for guests and crew alike.

Once coated, daily cleaning of surfaces is performed with an effective liquid ‘produced on-site by using only water and salt. This cleaning system significantly reduces the use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.

Several cruise lines have already implemented Premium Purity™ on their fleet. The positive effect is a dramatic reduction in gastrointestinal cases, pristine conditions of the cabins as well as overall strong environmental impact. 

We look forward to bringing Premium Purity™ to your facility for the benefit of you, your guests, your staff, and the environment.

Case: National Geographic Explorer

One of our clients is Lindblad Expeditions and their fleet of National Geographic expedition ships.

The first vessel we implemented Premium Purity™ on was The National Geographic Explorer, a state-of-the-art, ice-class expedition ship. The Explorer accommodates 148 guests in 81 spacious cabins and is equipped with the latest tools for exploration.

n the past they used to have many conventional cleaning detergents on board but in 2018 a team from ACT.Global was invited to implement Premium Purity™ on the entire ship.

Consequently, six cleaning detergents were reduced to one – the ACT ECA System™ – and the ship crew significantly decreased the use of conventional chemicals. Moreover, Lindblad Expeditions saved over 1,000 plastic bottles containing for detergents fleetwide and reduced their water consumption by 1.1 million gallons per year as there was no need to rinse off harsh chemical detergents anymore.

Additionally, the crew was trained in a more efficient and healthier way of working with disinfection and cleaning onboard.

Based on great results and high crew satisfaction with Premium Purity™ onboard the Explorer, Lindblad Expeditions has decided to roll-out the solution to their entire fleet in 2020.

OVER A 12-MONTHS PERIOD, The National Geographic Explorer experienced more than 50% reduction in gastrointestinal cases reported to the ship’s doctor.”*

Bruce Tschampel,
Vice President, Hotel Operations, Lindblad Expeditions

*The reduction is compared to the yearly reported cases from the previous three years before the implementation of Premium Purity™.

BENEFITS for the Cruise Industry

Long-term protection against microbes, including 2019-COV and norovirus

Documented reduction of microbes such as bacteria and viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne mold spores, and airborne allergens.

Return on investment

Savings on water consumption, better use of manpower and equipment as well as machinery maintenance costs.
Higher capacity utilization (e.g. shorter cleaning cycles, odor removal), and price differentiation options.


Clients can reduce the use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic. Reduced CO₂-emission (e.g. reduced need for transportation of detergents and other chemicals).

Guest satisfaction

Cleaner rooms, bathrooms, restaurants, conference and banqueting, and public areas. Improved indoor air quality and reduced risk of getting sick while staying at the hotel. This all leads to improved guest experiences and higher guest loyalty.

Working environment 

Reduced need for protective equipment. Improved and simplified working routines and cleaning protocols give the cleaning personnel better working conditions.

Brand enhancement 

The Premium Purity™ message corresponds well with the sustainable requirements of today’s consumers. With the Premium Purity™ certification, clients can promote their efforts to protect employees and visitors as well as the environment.

BRANDING Premium Purity™

If your cruise vessel meets the established requirements, it can become Premium Purity™ certified. This enables you to use the Premium Purity™ symbol as a branding tool both internally and externally.

The Premium Purity™ symbol is a quality stamp, that assures that your facility is low-microbial and use sustainable disinfection and cleaning.

It also shows that your facility is saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.



Premium Purity™ is built on advanced technology and has both practical and visible impact. The benefits are many.

To highlight this, we have collected some thoughts about Premium Purity™ from five members of the Lindblad Expeditions crew.

Some appreciate the solution for business and efficiency reasons, some highlight the positive impact it has had on their workflow, and others enjoy working without cracked hands.

To hear their testimonies – please click on the videos

Bruce Tschampel

Lindblad Expeditions' Vice President Hotel Operations, Bruce Tschampel, shares his experience with Premium Purity™ onboard the National Geographic Explorer.

Leif Skog

Lindblad Expeditions' Vice President of Marien Operation, Leif Skog, shares his experience with Premium Purity™ onboard the National Geographic Explorer.

Patrick Svärdmyr

Lindblad Expeditions' Hotel Manager, Patrik Svärdmyr, shares his experience with Premium Purity™ onboard the National Geographic Explorer.

Mathjis Pasterkamp

Lindblad Expeditions' Executive Chef, Mathjis Pasterkamp, shares his experience with Premium Purity™ onboard the National Geographic Explorer.

Jovelyn Pataluij

Lindblad Expeditions' Stewardesse, Jovelyn Pataluij, shares her experience with Premium Purity™ onboard the National Geographic Explorer.

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